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Existing Customers
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How does NetSupport 24-7 work?

How does NetSupport 24-7 work?

When a customer needs technical support, for any tool to operate a client (software footprint at the target PC) needs to be installed. Typically with Remote Control software packages this is installed in advance.

For ISPs, ASPs, MSPs and Solution providers this is often not viable and as such, a technology is needed that allows support to be provided "on Demand" to those users who need assistance.

NetSupport 24-7 provides a dynamic, secure and powerful on-demand support solution designed specifically for this type of scenario.

When a Customer needs assistance or instruction, they simply click on the provided link on the Vendor's website, and instantly they can begin a live Chat with a Help Desk operator. Within this session the Operator can also push pre-defined "canned" messages as well as launch supporting pages on the End Users PC.

If the Operator is unable to resolve the users problems, he can launch a dynamic client on their PC or MAC.

This dynamic client is extremely small and makes absolutely "no" changes to their system configuration. Most importantly it only exists for the duration of the support request.

Once active, the Operator is now able to call on a powerful range of tools to aid in problem resolution. These include full Remote Screen Control, File Transfer, Clipboard transfer, on demand Hardware and Software Inventory as well as the ability to both monitor and if needed interact with active Processes and services on the remote system.

Once the issue is resolved, the operator can disconnect, the user's PC is left without any legacy software, and a full summary of the chat history is recorded for future reference.

NetSupport 24-7 Languages

NetSupport 247 Language Support

NetSupport 24-7 is extremely flexible and is designed to meet a number of different interactive scenarios, as such many of the features provided are customisable, including the ability to interact with a customer in their local language.

When adding new Operators to your NetSupport 24-7 company account, you can identify which languages your operator is able to communicate in. When that Operator is subsequently active within NetSupport 24-7 those identified languages are then listed as available at the point a new customer requests a chat from the NetSupport 24-7 chat button.

Some applications allow you to simply select a language version, such as English or French and this is presented to all potential visitors. NetSupport 24-7 is far more flexible allowing any number of languages to be supported at the same time and presented to different customers. NetSupport 24-7is the only solution that provides a genuinely flexible multi-lingual customer experience.

The benefit of this approach is that the language support you advertise on your customer support pages always reflects the combined "lingual" abilities of your active operators at any given time and avoids a language being selected by a customer when a suitable operator is not currently available. 

Language Support

Clearly you don't want a customer presented with the option to speak to your support team in French, if the only French speaking technician in your organisation has just signed out for a coffee break.

The entire customer experience, from requesting a chat session to ending a chat and leaving feedback is fully localised. 

To allow client support for more than 30 languages  show me the languages supported, localisation within NetSupport 24-7 is limited to the customer facing views. The operator console provides support for 5 languages : English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.