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Existing Customers
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Key Features in NetSupport 24-7

Chat and Message Chat and Message - Conduct an Instant real-time chat session with an End User by them simply clicking on the "click for support" button on your website. A selection of designs are provided for you to choose from (or use your own) and NetSupport 24-7 creates the code ready for you to update your own web pages.

Chat History Chat History -All chat sessions are recorded by NetSupport 24-7, the History is then available to an Operator if a subsequent request for assistance is raised, and in addition the end user can request a transcript of the conversation and resolution provided which will automatically be sent to their email address.

Chat Groups Chat Groups  - Customers can identify the nature of their chat request by selecting a pre-defined Question Type or Target such as "sales, support or admin".
The inbound chat request is then directed to operators that are members of the appropriate group. Any number of groups can be defined to suit your business requirement. 

Multiple Connection Methods Multiple Connection Methods  - Now provides multiple methods for initiating a chat session. These include Email a chat link to a user, copy/ paste chat link, dynamic chat buttons for inclusion on your website or email signatures, direct connect "Pin codes" via either email or from website

Exit Survey Exit Survey -Once your chat and support session is ended, the customer is automatically prompted to rate their experience of the support call and leave valuable feedback. This simple feature provides additional information to your helpdesk team to allow them to maximise positive customer experiences. This, as with most features, can be disabled if not required.

                  Status Chat Status - Once your chat button is published on your website, its status will change depending on operator availability. Out of working hours, the chat button will turn grey to indicate no operators are currently available, and if clicked, the user will be advised accordingly and presented with a "leave details" form.

Push Pages Push Pages - The operator can launch web pages and links directly on the end Users desktop. Commonly used pages can be stored and made available for all operators for future "one click" use.

Canned Responses Canned Responses - Pre-defined responses and scripts can be created to ease operator response and provide "one click" solutions.
NetSupport 24-7 Screen Modes

Full High Speed PC Remote Control Full, High Speed PC Remote Control- Watch or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of a remote users workstation in seconds. Adjust dynamically the color depth of the session to improve performance when required.
Show your screen Show your screen or a selected application  - Show your entire desktop, a selected monitor or even show a selected application back to an end user. Provides the perfect demonstration or pre-sales presentation tool to compliment traditional remote control features.
Annotate Annotate the Screen- While performing a Remote Control of a customers PC you may want to draw their attention to certain items or settings. NetSupport 24-7 provides a range of annotation tools that allow you to draw on their screen, highlight text and much more.
Audio Support (VOIP) Audio Support (VOIP)- When connected to a customers PC you can conduct a full audio conversation utilizing our optimized Voice over IP technology.
Hardware and Software Inventory Real Time Hardware and Software Inventory reporting of End User PC. - Obtain a real-time view of the hardware and software installed on the target workstation at the click of a button, without ever needing to leave the NetSupport 24-7 Control program to gather this information. In addition, NetSupport 24-7 collects over 50 items of information, specifically about the hardware or environment of the End User's PC, where you can obtain details of applications in memory, installed hot-fixes, processes running and installed services.

NetSupport 24-7 Hardware Inventory
NetSupport 24-7 Software Inventory

applications, Processes and Services Real Time View (and Control) of applications, Processes and Services running on a User PC. - As well as real-time reporting, NetSupport 24-7 also provides the tools, security permitting, to allow you to remotely stop and start services, end applications and much more.

File Transfer File Transfer - the fastest and most feature rich solution. Transfer and manipulate files between workstations using intuitive "drag & drop" technology. Synchronise directories on two workstations or edit files and attributes directly. NetSupport 24-7 utilises intelligent "Delta File Transfer" to reduce data transfer times when overwriting files that already exist. NetSupport 24-7 now checks blocks of data and only transfers changed data within the file being transferred. The performance benefits are most noticeable on a slow link.

See How our File Transfer performance compares.

Single/Multiple File Write to One User Comparison Graph

Remote Clipboard Remote Clipboard - Copy and Paste data between the Operator and the End User PC.

Remote Registry Editor Remote Registry Editor  - Now you can connect to a remote PC and both review and edit its registry settings without needing to remote control and navigate its screen.

Remote Command Prompt Remote Command Prompt  -   Connect to a customers PC and open a Remote Command prompt on the Operators PC. This allows you to view directory structures and perform low level functions without the need to remote control the end users PC.

Remote Reboot Remote Reboot  -   During an active remote control session an operator can perform a remote reboot of a users computer, on restart the remote control and chat sessions will automatically resume..

Configurable Operator rights Configurable Operator rights  -  For all defined Operators in NetSupport 24-7 you can control which features are available for use with each account.

Automatic Customer identifier Automatic Customer identifier  -  For all new chat sessions, NetSupport 24-7 will identify the location of the customer, presenting either Country or City information, and if available, the name of the company the address is registered to.
Windows and MAC support Windows and MAC support  -  Support is provided for connecting to Windows98, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows and MAC OS customer systems.

Automatic Proxy support Automatic Proxy support  -  For all new chat sessions, NetSupport 24-7 will check if a proxy is utilised and automatically configure the chat session so that remote support is available. Proxy support is included in both the Operator and Customer components.